Winning Souls

Not many win souls.

It is estimated that only about 5% of Christians ever lead another to the Saviour. This means 95% do not win souls.

Had the early church advanced at such a snail’s pace, Christianity would have died out in the first century! Those fiery souls were out to win the world and because they were faithful, we have received the Gospel. They had been commissioned to minister in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth. And they took the charge seriously.

When persecution came to early Christians, they seized their scattering as an opportunity to preach the Gospel in new fields. Under pressure, they produced. Imprisoned, they sang praises to God and won other prisoners.

Why do so few win souls today? Why is fruit so scarce compared to the harvest of the first century?

There are undoubtedly a number of factors that contribute to fruitlessness. But one of the most important is that we do not make soul winning our most desired goal. We are quite content if all is going well at the church and we have few troubles at home. Financial targets get priority. We must get our incomes up to that of our friends. After overtime, there is little time to reach lost people. Church visitation and soul winning programs languish while we cater to our carnal desires of gain and ease.

But when all is said and done — who is wise?

All our earthly trinkets will someday be dissolved. But he that winneth souls is wise — having lasting treasure.