With Jesus

An examining committee, composed of ministers, had met to look into the qualifications of Billy Sunday to be ordained as a gospel minister. Among other questions fired at the world-famous former baseball player was a request that he identify a well-known church father, describing some of his writings.

Billy was stumped.

After fumbling around for a moment, he said, “I never heard of him! He was never on my team!”

For a time, indecision characterized the distinguished preachers. Finally one of them moved that Billy Sunday be recommended for ordination, adding that Billy had already won more souls for Christ than all his examiners.

Billy had been with Jesus.

The boldness and success of the disciples bothered the theologians who opposed them. The Sadducees rejected any teaching about resurrection and were therefore completely at odds with Peter and John, the spokesmen for the disciples.

These servants of Christ were not awed by their learned opponents. They spoke with power and had more understanding than the religious leaders who had spent their lives debating theological questions.


Because they had been with Jesus.

Many lessons are best learned at the feet of Jesus.

Want to be effective for Christ?

Take time to be with Jesus.