You Are God’s Gift to a Lost World

Did you ever realize that you are God’s gift
to your world? He has planted you on this
earth like a precious flower to share the
beautiful scent of salvation with people in the
parched desert around you. He gave you as a
gift to these souls in need, and He expects you
not only to brighten their world, but to bear
fruit of new souls won to His kingdom. It’s not
difficult to do when you allow the Holy Spirit
to work through you.

People all around you need hope. You can
tell, just reading the newspaper. I read several
periodicals every week, just to keep current on
world events… And I can’t help but notice
that so many articles in the papers point to

Violent crime is on the rise. Unemployment
and poverty are rampant. Even suicide —
which used to be so rare — is becoming
commonplace. It breaks my heart to read that
suicide is one of the leading causes of death
among teenagers. Now even children are
following this deadly trend, like the little girl
we read about in Florida. She threw herself in
front of a train because her mother was dying
with the AIDS virus.

Yet every time I read a newspaper item like
this, it just rings an alarm bell in my heart that
says: People need HOPE. They need the truth
of God’s love. “We have this hope as an anchor
for the soul, firm and secure.” We read about
the love of God in Hebrews 6:19. That hope is
our anchor, and God is calling each one of us
to share that hope with souls in danger around
us. Jesus has chosen you and me as His gift to
a lost and dying world, to share his eternal

I know that you prize soul-winning above
every other calling in your life; you have
demonstrated that by your strong support of
this ministry, which is sharing God’s love
continually with those in need. Yet I also
believe that God has called each one of His
children to share His precious salvation
message in our personal lives. How can we do
it? How can we find the words?

The Lord knows you inside and out; He
knows you better than you know yourself.
Through His intimate knowledge of your
special talents and your limitations, I believe
He will call you to win souls in the best, most
effective way possible for you … What I mean
is, God does not expect you to become an
evangelist or a Gospel singer or a street-corner
preacher. He simply calls you to do what you
are able to do in presenting a Gospel witness.

For instance, there’s a little shopping mall
near my home where I like to browse when I
can spare a few minutes. I don’t go there with
my Bible under my arm, looking for someone
I could talk to … I simply go shopping like any
other lady. But the Lord has given me
opportunities to witness to several of the
workers at that mall — waitresses and sales

Sometimes one of them will say, “Why are
you always so happy? There’s something
different about you.” They don’t care whether
or not I’ve been to Bible school or what church
I attend. They just notice God’s love at work
in me. Or sometimes if I ask one of them how
they’re doing, they will say, “I’m having a
problem…” and they pour out their hearts to

They sense my love and interest in their
lives, and they want to know what makes me
happy. Through these simple things, the Lord
has allowed me to lead several of these ladies to
the cross and pray with them to accept Jesus.
It’s not difficult, and it doesn’t require that you
know a lot of Scripture or have a powerful

I would encourage you to use our video
teachings in your personal witnessing. Invite
your neighbors to a Bible study in your home,
and use Jack’s video teaching as a guide — or
give our videos as a gift. It’s a loving and
effective way to warn your friends about the
coming end times and lead them to Jesus.

I know from my own personal experience
that there is something YOU can do for the
Lord. You can personally witness to others and
help lead them to Christ, in a specific way
which God has enabled you to share and
which no one else on earth could do like you.
You are God’s gift to a lost world — let Him
use you to reach your world with His good