Dutch government announces plan to move embassy to Jerusalem

WND.com reports: “In a surprise move early Thursday, an advance draft of a coalition agreement between four right-wing Dutch political factions announced their plan to move the Dutch embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – at ‘an appropriate time.’ If and when this occurs, the Netherlands would be the most significant country to move its embassy to Jerusalem since the United States did so under former President Donald Trump in 2018…

In addition to the United States, Papua New Guinea, Kosovo, Honduras and Guatemala have already moved their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. If the Dutch coalition holds and the nation’s embassy is moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the decision would be a controversial one. Officially, the EU – under the terms of the ‘Jerusalem Clause’ – has refused to locate diplomatic missions in Jerusalem, Israel’s official capital, until its final status with regard to the Palestinians has been decided…”

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