‘End your silence, declare Hamas a terror organization,’ FM Israel Katz urges UNSC

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Designate Hamas as a terror organization and do more to pressure it to release the remaining 134 hostages, Foreign Minister Israel Katz told the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) during its Monday debate on the sexual violence committed by Palestinians during the October 7 attack against the Jewish state.

‘For too long the UN has been silent on Hamas actions,’ Katz said.

During the five months that have passed since the attack, the ‘UN never condemned nor disapproved these Hamas brutal crimes,’ he said. Nor in that time has the UN recognized Hamas as a terror organization, he added.

‘Hamas crimes are even worse than the terror actions carried out by al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other terror organizations that were sanctioned by the UN,’ he explained.

‘Many countries have declared Hamas as a terror organization including the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Paraguay, New Zealand, the UK, the EU, and others,’ but the UN has not taken similar steps…”

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