Facing Putin threat, EU pushes to arm Ukraine — and itself

SpaceWar.com reports: “EU leaders will grapple at a summit on Thursday with how to get more weapons to Ukraine’s outgunned forces while also re-arming their own countries to face Russia’s Vladimir Putin — aggressive and newly emboldened after cementing his grip on power.

Over two years into Moscow’s all-out war against its neighbour, Kyiv’s troops are struggling to hold back the Russian army as Western support fails to keep pace with the fighting.

‘If Ukraine had to surrender, then a puppet regime will be installed in Kyiv, the Ukrainian people will be crushed,’ EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell warned ahead of the Brussels meeting.

‘The Russian army will be at our borders and we could be sure that they will not be stopping there.’

Following his weekend presidential election success, a bullish Putin on Wednesday described it as a ‘prologue’ to victory in Ukraine.

Kyiv desperately needs more weapons and ammunition to fend off Putin’s troops, who have made recent battlefield gains…”

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