For China, North Korea Is ‘Card to Play’ in Competition With US, Experts Say

Voice of America News reports: “Beijing is unlikely to help Washington disrupt military cooperation between North Korea and Russia because China sees that move as undermining itself while bolstering U.S. goals in Europe and Asia, analysts said.

‘Given U.S. policy in Asia and Washington’s ongoing effort to contain Chinese power in the region, Beijing has no reason to assist the U.S., even indirectly, on one of its most top foreign policy priorities – a Russian defeat in Ukraine,’ said Daniel DePetris, a fellow at Defense Priorities.

‘For China, North Korea is not a problem to be solved but rather a card to play in its competition with Washington,’ continued DePetris in an email to VOA on Tuesday.

The U.S. has turned to China to help rein in North Korea’s threatening missile activities that have now extended beyond East Asia into Europe, where Russia’s war in Ukraine rages on for the third year…”

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