George Barna identifies biggest threats facing the Church: ‘We’ve reached a time of Christian invisibility’

The Christian Post reports: “George Barna, a leading expert in church and worldview trends, has weighed in on some of the biggest issues facing the Church — including the steady decrease in a biblical worldview and dwindling concern for spiritual formation — at a time of ‘Christian invisibility in our culture.’ 

In an interview with The Christian Post, the 69-year-old founder of The Barna Group, a market research firm specializing in studying Americans’ religious beliefs and behaviors, said that over the last few decades, he’s seen certain negative trends increasingly permeate Western Christianity. 

‘People have become more selfish, churches have become less influential, pastors have become less Bible-centric,’ he said. ‘Families have invested less of their time and energy in spiritual growth, particularly of their children. The media now influences the Church more than the Church influences the media, or the culture for that matter. The Christian Body tends to get off track arguing about a lot of things that really don’t matter.’…”

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