Hamas Declares It Will Not Accept Existence of Israel as Biden Admin Touts ‘Two-State Solution’

Breitbart.com reports: “A senior Hamas terrorist told a Lebanese news outlet, which the allied jihadist group Hezbollah operates, on Thursday that his group would offer ‘no compromise’ on the destruction of Israel, describing the Jewish state as having ‘no future in the region.’

Osama Hamdan, the top Hamas representative in Lebanon, threatened all who support the existence of Israel, telling Hezbollah’s al-Manar news, ‘Whoever counts on it or attaches their future to it will lose.’

Hamdan’s comments echo the ideological provisions of the Hamas terrorist charter and statements made since 2023 by officials in Iran, the world’s premier state sponsor of terrorism and a top Hamas financier. The opposition among jihadist groups to Israel existing in peace presents a significant obstacle to the foreign policy of leftist American President Joe Biden, whose officials have been repeating, with increasing frequency and urgency, the need for an alleged ‘two-state solution’ in which a sovereign ‘Palestine’ is established alongside Israel. Those proposing two states have not offered any clarity on who would govern such a state — an issue of particular concern given that Hamas is the government of the ‘Palestinian’ territory of Gaza…”

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