Hamas gives initial approval for Gaza ceasefire, hostage deal – Qatar

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Hamas has given its initial approval for a ceasefire and hostage deal in the Gaza Strip, the Qatari foreign ministry announced on Thursday evening.

Israel had also agreed to the proposal agreed to in talks in Paris, Doha added. ‘There is no deal yet.

Hamas has received the proposal positively, but we are waiting for their response,’ a Qatar official told Reuters. Hamas received the Paris truce proposal for a ceasefire and release of hostages in Gaza but did not give a response to any of the parties, the media adviser to the head of the political bureau of the Islamist movement told Reuters on Thursday.

‘We say that the current stage of negotiation is zero, and at the same time, we cannot say that we have reached an agreement,’ Taher al-Nono said…”

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