Hamas Member Reveals That Organization’s Goal Is Not Just to Free ‘Palestine’

PJMEdia.com reports: “Virtually every political and media analyst in the Western world agrees that Hamas is a national liberation movement, dedicated to freeing Palestine from an alleged Israeli occupation. Most also assume that if the Palestinians are given a state, Hamas’ mission will end, and the organization will fade away. A video that surfaced Saturday, however, suggests that all of that analysis, despite being nearly universally accepted, is false.

The video is of a hijabed woman, identified as ‘Elham, Member of Hamas, Planner of a Suicide Bombing,’ explaining matter-of-factly that ‘we don’t only fight against occupation. Our goal is to spread Islam to all, everywhere.’ This suggests that Hamas would not be satisfied with a Palestinian state, but would continue its war against the diminished Israel that would remain after the creation of a Palestinian state until the remainder were Islamized as well. What’s more, Elham’s statement amounts to a declaration of war against every state that is not governed under Islamic law…”

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