Hamas now offering to release just 20 hostages

Israel National News reports: “A senior Israeli official says this evening (Monday) that Hamas’ response to the mediators’ latest proposal for a deal included agreeing to release only 20 of its 133 hostages in exchange for a six-week ceasefire.

This is half of the number of hostages the latest proposed deals have called for Hamas to release, and according to the source in Hamas, there are several reasons that indicate that there may not be more than this number of hostages still alive.

This is because, among other things, Hamas claims that a number of the hostages included in this part of the deal – women, men over the age of 50, and men with serious medical conditions are no longer alive or are held captive by others.

At the same time, Hamas demands the release of terrorists serving higher prison sentences, such as murderers, for each hostage who is handed over to Israel. The terrorist organization also demands international guarantees for a complete stop to the war in the first stage of the deal…”

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