Hamas plans to set up secret base in Turkey, secret documents reveal

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Hamas has been planning to establish a secret base in Turkey as well as other terror cells elsewhere in order to coordinate attacks against Israeli targets in neighboring countries, including members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) according to a document captured by the IDF in Gaza, The Times revealed in an exclusive report.

The secret document, titled ‘Founding a base in Turkey,’ was discovered in the the home of chief of staff to Yahya Sinwar, Hamza Abu Shanab’s, The Times reported, citing the IDF. The document says Israel’s efforts to clamp down on the Gaza Strip over the past decade has ‘put Hamas on the defensive.’

According to the plan, this is the reason for establishing bases in different locations, for the purpose of strengthening ‘the forces of resistance militarily, diplomatically and morally.’ The bases were planned to be hubs for special operations ‘capable of carrying out intelligence and military operations in the future.’

The document outlines a three-year plan, and also mentions plans for assassinations. Targets for assassination are ‘officers and commanders in Mossad,’ and ‘influential Israelis.’ It also mentions ‘sabotage of Israeli naval vessels’ and ‘kidnapping,’ according to The Times report…”

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