Hamas signals ‘positive direction’ in hostage deal decision

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Hamas leaders abroad and in Gaza are expected to go in a ‘positive direction’ during hostage deal negotiations following a round of consultation, according to reports by the Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper on Monday.

The leadership of Hamas abroad has completed a first round of consultations that included the senior officials of the terrorist organization as well as the leadership of the Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian factions.

Al-Akhbar claimed that the leadership of Hamas has updated the Qatari side on the ‘atmosphere’ of what they believe will be the general framework for the answer, of which there is a focus on the urgency of ensuring that in any proposal, there will be a clear and direct provision regarding a complete cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and the promise of guarantees that emphasize Israel’s commitment to stopping the war at the end of an exchange between hostages and Palestinian prisoners…”

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