Hamas uses civilians as human shields, Gazan journalist states

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Gaza-based journalist Jehad Saftawi said on Tuesday that the Hamas terrorist organization indeed uses civilians as human shields in the war against Israel.

‘Hamas terrorists used my family and hundreds of our neighbors as human shields. Hamas continues to hold the people of Gaza captive,’ Saftawi posted on X. ‘There should be no reconstruction of my family’s home while a stockpile of weapons lies underneath.’

‘Goals rather than causes are what is behind Hamas’s masterminds’ wars. The case for removing Hamas is not to fuel escalation but to prevent it, which is why they should never be allowed to retake control of Gaza,’ he continued to say. Saftawi then admitted that it was the first time in more than 10 years that he’s ‘been able to speak about this publicly,’ stating that it’s ‘a cry for realignment for our Palestinian society as well as an appeal to the international community.’

In a piece he wrote for Time magazine, the Palestinian journalist began by saying that the terrorist organization ‘built tunnels beneath my family’s home in Gaza. Now it lies in ruin.’ He also states that it’s been seven years since he escaped Gaza, and later fled to the United States…”

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