Hezbollah bolsters presence in Beirut bastion amid alleged Israeli spy ring bust

YnetNews.com reports: “Arab news outlets reported on Thursday that Hezbollah deployed an unusual number of forces in Beirut’s Dahieh quarter, conducting checks on passersby and residents. This comes against the backdrop of reports in Hezbollah-affiliated outlet Al-Akhbar, about the terror group uncovering an ‘Israeli spy ring’ in Lebanon.

The Arab World Press (AWP) news agency reported, citing eyewitnesses, that Hezbollah deployed its forces ‘on an unprecedented scale’ in the Dahieh quarter, considered to be a stronghold of the Iran-backed terrorist organization in Lebanon.

A Witness added that the reason for the heightened security measures, including checking passersby in the streets, was unclear to him. According to the witness, Hezbollah terrorists were patrolling the area wearing black masks.

Saudi TV channel Al-Hadath also reported on the deployment of Hezbollah’s forces, saying its operatives were checking the identities of those passing through the area. Lebanese newspaper Annahar reported the deployment was part of ‘coordinated security measures,’ but didn’t specify the reason for the increased military presence…”

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