Hezbollah Chief Threatens More Terrorism: ‘The Existence of Israel Is a Disaster’

Breitbart.com reports: “The leader of the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, claimed in a speech on Tuesday the group’s attacks had displaced 100,000 Israelis and another two million could lose their homes, the latest in a series of escalating threats against the Jewish state from Beirut since October 7.

Nasrallah used his remarks on Tuesday – at a ‘ceremony held by the Lebanese resistance movement [sic] in honor of Lebanon’s wounded and captured [terrorists],’ according to Iran’s PressTV state outlet – to declare that Hezbollah would respond proportionately to any self-defense operations by Israel to prevent more jihadist slaughter on its territory. ‘All options are on the table,’ he declared…

Elsewhere in his speech, Nasrallah claimed that his group’s terrorist activities ‘have generated real achievements for our people and our country.’

‘The existence of Israel is a disaster for the entire region and a fearful and deterred Israel represents a less dangerous and harmful situation for the people of the region,’ Nasrallah continued, according to PressTV. ‘In light of what is happening in Gaza, the Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, and Egyptian national interests require that Israel emerge from this battle defeated and broken.’…”

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