Hezbollah fires 30 rockets at Israel in retaliation for reported hit on top officer

The Times of Israel reports: “Hezbollah fired a barrage of at least 30 rockets from Lebanon at northern Israel late Thursday, hours after an apparent Israeli drone strike in the southern Lebanese town of Nabatieh was said to target two Hezbollah operatives, including a senior commander.

That drone strike was reportedly in retaliation for an earlier Hezbollah launch at a military base that left three IDF soldiers wounded — one seriously — as a rash of cross-border attacks throughout the day kept tensions at the border high.

There were no immediate reports of injuries caused by the rocket fire at the Upper Galilee town of Meron, which is located further south than most of the northern towns that have been impacted by Hezbollah rocket fire since October 8.

Hezbollah-led forces have been attacking Israeli communities and military posts along the border on a near-daily basis since October 8, a day after its ally, Palestinian terror group Hamas, launched its October 7 massacre, killing 1,200 people across southern Israel and abducting 253 people. Hezbollah says its attacks are to support Gaza amid the war Hamas triggered…”

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