50 killed in shooting at Florida nightclub in possible act of Islamic terror

June 12, 2016 FoxNews.com reports: “A gunman who may have pledged allegiance to ISIS opened fire early Sunday morning in a packed Orlando nightclub, killing 50 people and wounding at least 53 more in a bloody scene that ended hours later when police stormed the building and killed the shooter.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack Sunday afternoon via its Amaq news agency, Reuters reported. It was not clear, however, if the shooting was actually directed by the terror group or only inspired by it.

The attack in Orlando at Pulse, which bills itself as ‘the hottest gay bar’ in the city and was packed with more than 300 people for ‘Latin Night,’ was reported minutes after 2 a.m. Sunday. In addition to those killed inside the club, at least 53 people were taken to area hospitals…”  (Shariah Law practiced by Islam has four rules for killing.

  1. Daughters who commit premarital sex.
  2. Homosexuals – the above nightclub was a gay bar.
  3. Apostates – their own Muslim people who say a word against Allah, Muhammad, or the Quran.
  4. Infidels – all Jews, Christians, and non-Muslim’s

300 million have been slaughtered by Muslims from 800 AD to 2016.  See the next report.)


ISIS Praises Mateen as ‘Lion of Caliphate,’ Urges Attacks at Theaters, Hospitals, Amusement Parks

June 15, 2016 PjMedia.com reports: “An ISIS-affiliated media group issued new statements today praising Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen as a ‘lion of the caliphate’ and a ‘hero’ for slaughtering 49 ‘infidels’ — and calling on other lone jihadis to follow his example…

The Al-Battar Media Foundation, which previously posted an ISIS claim for the November attack on a Jordanian police training facility in which two Americans were among the dead and released a March video celebrating the Brussels attacks while urging more attacks in Europe, released a few separate statements on Orlando a few hours after Obama spoke. Al-Battar is reportedly the media operation of elite ISIS Libyan unit Kalibat al-Battar al-Libi, which is led by a Tunisian terrorist who may at one point have been held by the U.S.

The first statement today featured a selfie of Mateen, who was credited with killing ‘gay crusader infidels in the city of Orlando, America’ and putting ‘horror, fear and heartbreak’ in ‘the hearts of the infidels’ during the ‘great blessed battle successfully carried out by one Muslim man.’…”  (These vicious religious killers are doing away with the murder of one person at a time.  Presently they are seeking the deaths of hundreds at a time.  So they go where crowds of victims can be found.  The above headline and the following report proves what I am saying.  Their hatred of homosexuals controls the many ways of death they employ.  See the next two reports.)

 ‘Truthful to His Lord’: Islamic State American Praises Orlando Jihadi Mateen in Video

June 21, 2016 Breitbart.com reports: “An official propaganda arm of the Islamic State has released a video praising Omar Mateen, the jihadi responsible for last week’s massacre at a gay club in Orlando, Florida. The video features the English-speaking jihadi Abu Isma’il al-Amriki asserting that the United States is ‘at war with Allah.’

The video, released over the weekend, bears the title ‘You are Not Held Responsible Except for Yourself’ and features a number of international jihadis: al-Amriki being the first to speak, followed by a jihadi identified as an Indonesian national and a French jihadi praising Larossi Abballa, who stabbed a French police official and his wife to death while shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ last week.

Al-Amriki’s message is a warning that Omar Mateen is only the latest in a string of terror operatives soon to strike in the United States. ‘Omar Mateen… was one of the few who was truthful to his Lord,’ al-Amriki says in the video. ‘It is through his hand that Allah has punished his enemies.’ The jihadi vows that Muslims ‘will take revenge for every single brother and sister killed by the crusaders,’ a term the Islamic State applies loosely to modern Christian nations…”

‘Orlando Will Be Repeated,’ and ‘No Place Is Safe,’ Former ISIS Captive Warns Congress

June 23, 2016 ABC News reports: “‘No place is safe for anyone.’

That’s the chilling assessment a former ISIS captive has given U.S. lawmakers, recounting her harrowing tale of living in the grip of an international terrorist organization.

‘Orlando will be repeated if the world doesn’t put an end [to] such terrorism. There is no sanctuary,’ human rights activist Nadia Murad told the Senate Homeland Security Committee at the start of a hearing Tuesday.

The committee held the hearing to gain insight into what committee Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., called the ‘poisonous ideology’ of ISIS and ‘how it results in the slaughter of innocents,’ such as at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, where an ISIS-inspired gunman killed 49 people and wounded scores more…”

ISIS Video Threatens San Francisco, Shows Golden Gate and Skyscraper

June 27, 2016 PJMedia.com reports: “A new video released by ISIS today that heavily praised Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen also made specific threats against San Francisco and Las Vegas.

The video, released by ISIS in Mosul, rolls images of Mateen and news footage of the Pulse attack on June 12…

Only footage of aspirational attack locations in the United States is shown.

Shaky handheld camera footage of the Golden Gate Bridge is shown, appearing as if it was taken with a cell phone camera along the bridge’s pedestrian walkway. The camera shot pans up to one of the supports of the suspension bridge before focusing on the cars driving past.

Video of the Las Vegas strip at night is shown; it appears to be the pedestrian bridge at the Bellagio, perhaps shot from the pedestrian bridge at Caesars Palace…”  (The word ‘aspirational’ means a strong desire to commit something high and great.  Muslims hate gays and teach their religious partners to try to drop gays from mountains or skyscrapers to scare them drastically as they plunge to the earth and their deaths.  What wickedness these human monsters commit.  Their hypocrisy is noted in the Islamic religion as only their righteous and holy men and martyrs receive 72 virgins for unlimited sex if they kill gays, Jews, or Christians or any non-Muslim.  Hell won’t be punishment enough for these hypocritical murderers.)


ISIS ‘kill lists’ target U.S. synagogues

July 7, 2016 Israel National News reports: “ISIS has released a ‘kill list’ naming over 1,700 targets in the US for attack, the International Business Times reported Wednesday, with the choice of target exhibiting the murderous terror group’s anti-Semitic tendencies.

The targets are individuals, specifically people with memberships in synagogues of churches, according to the report.

The list was first discovered by intelligence analyst group SITE, after having been released online by the ‘United Cyber Caliphate’, ISIS’s computer hacking arm. The directives accompanying the list reportedly call for ISIS sympathizers to carry out more ‘lone wolf’ attacks of the type seen in the nightclub shooting in Orlando, urging potential terrorists to find the people on the list and: ‘kill them’, or ‘slay them.’

While some have dismissed the list as a meaningless internet post, law enforcement officials in the United States have begun to take these threats more seriously. Nashville news station WSMV reports that FBI agents are warning people in the area of their inclusion…”  (God loves His chosen people – Psalm 122:6.  Another Hitler is on the horizon, the kill lists are already printed, Islamic terrorists are coming to find and kill Jews.  Such Muslims will face the God of Christianity and pay for their hateful murderous ways.  God’s Word states: “…the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”  – Revelation 21:8.)