Canada ‘honour’ killings: Shafia family found guilty

BBC News reports: “Three members of an Afghan immigrant family in Canada have been convicted of murdering four female relatives in a so-called ‘honour’ killing.

The bodies – three teenage girls and their father’s first wife – were found in a car submerged in a canal in the city of Kingston, Ontario, in 2009.

The girls’ father, brother and mother will serve at least 25 years in prison.

Prosecutors said the father was angered that his two eldest daughters wanted boyfriends, in defiance of his values.

The court heard how Mohammad Shafia had become increasingly angry and upset with his three teenage daughters for having secret relationships with boys and wearing revealing clothes…” (This is Sharia Law that Islamic leaders want instituted in every nation. It is perfectly legal to kill one’s daughters if they have a sexual experience. Gays are also put to death under Sharia Law. At the same time if Islamic terrorists become suicide bombers they receive 72 virgins to fulfill their lustful desires for all eternity. Sounds like a double standard to me. To date 24 honor killings have occurred in both Canada and the United States – “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways” – James 1:8.)