Houthis boast of ‘advanced’ capabilities

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Houthis, who have been targeting ships off the coast of Yemen, have put out a statement bragging about their extensive military capabilities. The statement was meant to commemorate what they call the anniversary of the ‘Saudi-Emirati aggression.’ This is the anniversary of Saudi Arabia intervening in Yemen to prevent the Iranian-backed Houthis from taking Aden in Yemen.

The Houthis have adopted a new narrative in which they now interpret their war in Yemen as part of a regional struggle for the Palestinians. The Houthis have always had an anti-Israel and anti-American as well as anti-Jewish worldview. However, they have become more interested in working with Palestinian terrorist groups in recent years. This is part of their graduation to a new rung on the Iranian proxy ladder, essentially making the Houthis an important property for Iran in the region, similar to Hezbollah…”

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