IAEA chief: We have lost track of Iran nuke progress

The Jerusalem Post reports: “IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi on Monday told the IAEA Board of Governors that ‘the Agency has lost continuity of knowledge in relation to the production and inventory of centrifuges, rotors and bellows, heavy water and uranium ore concentrate.’

‘It is three years since Iran stopped provisionally applying its Additional Protocol and therefore it is also three years since the Agency was able to conduct complementary access in Iran,’ Grossi said, describing large gaps in nuclear inspections.

Next, he referred to a recent Iranian nuclear official who said that all aspects of the nuclear weapons cycle are complete and that the only obstacle to Tehran producing a nuclear weapon is the political decision to do so.

Grossi said, ‘Public statements made in Iran regarding its technical capabilities to produce nuclear weapons only increase my concerns about the correctness and completeness of Iran’s safeguards declarations.’…”

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