‘Intifada means uprising, and we’re rising up for Palestine’ -UK protests

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Protesters called to support Palestinian ‘resistance’  and against a claimed genocide in Gaza during nation-wide protests in the United Kingdom on Saturday.

The day of action, organized by organizations such as Stop the War, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, called on the British government to demand an ‘immediate and permanent ceasefire,’ and an end to the blockade of Gaza, the adoption of an arms embargo, and the end of Israel’s ‘genocidal assault.’

Protests were held at almost 40 locations across the country on Saturday, with another three held on Sunday.

Stop the War member Shabbir Lakha denounced UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who had condemned the ‘glorification of terrorism’ at Pro Palestinian protests on Thursday. Lakha said that it was Sunak who was supporting terrorism by backing Israeli operations. He said that the activists would use protest to push out any politicians with ‘blood on their hands.’

‘Intifada means uprising, and we’re rising up for Palestine,’ Lakha said in defiance of stigma against the word. ‘These are the streets where the Palestinian flag will never go down.’…”

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