Iran believes Gaza war will ‘shape new world order’ – analysis

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran’s president Ebrahim Raisi believes that the war in Gaza will lead to a ‘transformation in the unjust order that rules the world.’ He made the claims at a gathering on Monday, according to Iran’s pro-government Fars news.

Iran’s president appears to believe that the war in Gaza will accelerate various processes in the global order. He said that after the war the new world order is ‘very close and achievable.’

In Iran’s view the war in Gaza is part of a larger process. It could be seen as a kind of first shot of a major war in the world. This war is not always being fought on battlefields.

It may be other types of struggles, such as Iran joining BRICS and the SCO, two economic groups that are linked to China or Russia, and which Iran wants to be part of in order to balance the western-led economies such as the G7.

Iran’s president’s statement matters. It shows how Iran is thinking about October 7 and the long term plans that Iran has. Iran sees the fighting in Gaza as a benefit. It also sees the suffering of Gazans as a benefit. What that means if that Iran believes it can use suffering in Gaza to take advantage of the war, and exploit it for its own interests…”

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