Iran Boasts of Expanding Arsenal of Kamikaze Drones

Breitbart.com reports: “Iranian state media reported on Wednesday that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has ‘taken delivery of sophisticated homegrown kamikaze and combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), featuring state-of-the-art technologies suitable for operations against enemy targets.’

According to Iran’s PressTV, IRGC commanders attended a ceremony on Tuesday to take possession of the latest Shahed-131 and Ababil-5 drones, upgraded versions of two designs that have helped Iran’s homegrown drone industry become a significant threat.

The Shahed drone is a ‘suicide’ or ‘kamikaze’ design, intended to fly an explosive payload to its target and then explode. Iran admitted in November 2022 it has supplied Russia with a large number of Shahed drones to attack Ukrainian targets. Iran also supplied Shahed models to the Houthi terrorists of Yemen, who have used them to attack commercial vessels in the Red Sea…”

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