Iran claims to add two new ‘stealth’ ships to IRGC Navy

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran held a ceremony to mark the addition of two new patrol ships, the Shahid Sayad Shirazi and Shahid Bagheri ships, to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy. Iran has two navies: one is the official navy, and the other is the IRGC Navy. Iran’s Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, head of the armed forces, attended the ceremony.

These ships look different than most naval ships. They are based on a catamaran or twin-hull design and have a sleek futuristic look. They are apparently based on inspiration and designs from the Chinese Type 22 missile boat. China has more than 80 of these coastal patrol vessels, which are 42 meters long. The Iranian ships are 60 meters long. Iran is seeking to build four of these ships. The ship has a helipad on its stern section and can also apparently hold fast boats. It has naval radar and anti-ship cruise missiles, according to reports.

Iran believes these vessels have stealth aspects. Iran has invested in these types of designs recently to make up for Tehran’s lack of naval power. Another ship, the Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, represents a second type of twin-hull design along with a third type Iran commissioned back in 2016 called the Shahid Nazeri…”

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