Iran promoting terror in Europe ahead of Olympics, Israel’s Mossad says

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran is increasing its support of terror in Europe through proxy criminal groups in the 60-day lead-up to the Paris Olympics, the Mossad warned on Thursday, with a focus on Jewish and Israeli targets abroad.

It highlighted in particular the activities of two criminal groups — FOXTROT and RUMBA — alleging that they were ‘directly responsible for a violent activity and the promotion of terrorism in Sweden and throughout Europe’ and that they receive funds and direction directly from Iran.

Israel’s spy agency charged that Iran was behind the grenade attack against Israel’s Embassy in Belgium this past weekend and the gunshots near the embassy in Sweden on May 17.

A similar attempt was made to attack Israel’s Embassy in Sweden this past January using grenades, with the grenade not exploding in that case.

In Sweden’s case, the criminal organization FOXTROT was exposed as the culprit acting on Tehran’s behalf…”

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