Iran seeks to expand Russia ties following Putin election victory – analysis

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week and called for closer ties between Tehran and Moscow. The countries already have warm ties, and Iran has supplied Russia with drones that it has used in deadly attacks in Ukraine.

The call between Raisi and Putin took place after Putin won re-election in Russia. The Iranian regime leader praised the Russian regime leader for his re-election in an election that was never in doubt. Fars News in Iran noted that the Iranian leader expressed ‘hope that his [Putin’s] new term would provide a suitable ground for the promotion of relations between Tehran and Moscow.’

The Iranian leader then went on to ‘highlight the significance of joint bids in regional organizations like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS, as well as ongoing projects such as the Rasht-Astara railway connecting two Iranian and Russian cities to enhance economic ties.’

Iran and Russia are seeking a new world order to confront the West and create a multi-polar world after decades of US hegemony in the wake of the Cold War. Iran has joined groups like BRICS and the SCO to work more closely with Russia and China…”

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