Iran using European ports to smuggle arms to Hezbollah – report

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran has been using European ports to ‘legitimize’ its arms exports to Hezbollah, according to a report by The Telegraph on Thursday.

The report states that Hezbollah received arms, including missiles and bombs used on Israel, from ships that docked in Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

Antwerp, Valencia, and Ravenna were named as the major European ports involved; ships would dock here before arriving in Latakia in Northern Syria and then moving on to Southern Lebanon.

This attempted arms laundering was done due to Israeli military pressure in the form of air strikes on Iranian assets in Syria and Lebanon, senior intelligence sources told The Telegraph.

Ronen Solomon, an independent intelligence analyst based in Israel, told The Telegraph that the use of alternate trafficking routes through Europe was intended to ‘legitimize’ Iranian arms cargo while ‘distracting attention’ from direct shipments…”

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