Iranian president vows Israel will pay a ‘heavy price’

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi spoke to Iraq’s Prime Minister on Wednesday evening. In the conversation with Iraq’s Shia al-Sudan, the Iranian said that Israel would pay a ‘heavy price’ for an airstrike in Damascus, which Iran has accused Israel of. 

Raisi discussed the ‘martyrdom’ of Maj. Gen. Mohammed Reza Zahedi, an IRGC leader killed in Damascus.

Iraq’s Prime Minister told the Iranians he wanted to see progress in Iran-Iraq strategic relations. Iran pressed Iraq to condemn the airstrike in Damascus, which Iraq has complied with. Iraq is a key partner of Iran.

Iran views Iraq as its ‘near abroad,’ empowering militias in Iraq to threaten Israel, the US, and the region. Therefore, Iraq operates as a kind of colony of Iran these days, even though it also tries to be a functioning state…”

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