Iran Mulling Creation of 100-million-Strong Muslim Basij Army

The Fars News Agency reports: “Commander of Iran’s Basij (volunteer) force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi announced Tehran is studying formation of a 100-million-strong Muslim world Basij force.

‘We will form the 100-million-strong Basij force of the Muslim world to materialize the promise of the late Imam Khomeini about the freedom of the noble Quds,’ Naqdi said.

He underlined that Basij will bravely and steadfastly continue its struggle and fight for the freedom of Quds from the occupation of Zionist regime and to release all mankind from the claws of the world arrogant powers.

Naqdi’s remarks comes against the backdrop the Muslim world’s popular uprisings and revolutions which are similar to what happened in Iran in 1979 under the leadership of the late Imam Khomeini…” (The Bible talks about an army of 200,000,000 from the Oriental alliance involved in Armageddon – Revelation 16:16; Revelation 9:14 – 18; and since Iran will be allied with Russia and China this Muslim army of 100,000,000 could be part of a united army. Interesting.)

‘Iran prepping al-Qaida for large-scale attacks’

WorldNetDaily.com reports: “In response to any future Israeli military strike on its nuclear sites, Iran has been training al-Qaida elements in the Egyptian Sinai desert on how to coordinate retaliatory attacks, a senior Egyptian security official told WND.

The al-Qaida attacks are meant to target both Israeli and Egyptian installations, the security official said, as part of an Iranian plot to widen any Israeli-Iranian conflict to involve other countries.

The Egyptian official said there is also information Iran has been working with Islamic Salafist groups in Jordan that are allied with al-Qaida.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards helped to train al-Qaida elements in the Sinai and Gaza Strip to carry out large-scale attacks, including missile attacks, cross-border incursions, suicide bombings and explosions targeting infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipelines, the official said.

Any Iranian cooperation with al-Qaida would underscore the dangers of Tehran obtaining nuclear weapons. The country has a history of using terrorist proxies, most notably Hezbollah in Lebanon, to carry out its bidding…” (We will see the prediction of Jesus increasing immensely in upcoming days as we hear of wars and rumors of wars – Matthew 24:6.)

Iran: We’ll fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if attacked

YnetNews.com reports: “Iranian Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi said Israel would be attacked with 150,000 missiles if it launches any military action against the Islamic Republic, the Iran Independent News Service reported.

Speaking before 50,000 army volunteers in Bushehr, the minister said ‘Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan, if the Americans make the mistake and attack Iran, we will show them how to fight,’ adding ‘Israel has to be punished for what it has done to the Muslims in Palestine and Lebanon.’

However, according to Iranian news outlets Vahidi did not specify if the missiles would be fired from Iran or other locations.

…A senior commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard said the country would target NATO’s missile defense shield in Turkey if the US or Israel attacks the Islamic Republic…” (Iran’s president hates the Jews. He claims his Mahdi [messiah] will arrive only after he slaughters thousands of God’s chosen people – Deuteronomy 7:7, 8. He won’t win – Isaiah 56:5. See the next two reports.)

Iranian Navy Equips Naval Vessels with Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

The Fars News Agency reports: “The Iranian Army’s Navy equipped its vessels with powerful anti-ship Qader (Mighty) cruise missiles, a senior Navy commander announced.

Speaking to FNA, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari stated that Qader missile with a range of 200km is ‘one of the strongest and most precise naval missiles’ of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The commander added that a large number of such missiles have already been delivered to the Iranian naval combat units.

Sayyari stated that the Iranian Navy is now using Qader as a coast-to-sea and surface-to-surface missile, and noted that the cruise missile can be mounted onto different types of choppers as well.

Late in September, the Iranian Defense Ministry supplied large numbers of Qader missiles to the naval forces of the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) to boost Iran’s naval power.

The Iranian defense minister said at the time that Qader is an anti-ship cruise missile with a range of 200km and enjoys a short launch time and is able to hit all naval vessels, including frigates and warships, as well as onshore enemy targets…”

Iran threatens to ‘discard Israel into the trash bin of history’ if attacked

Haaretz reports: “In case of an attack on the Iranian nuclear sites, ‘Iran would bung Israel into the trash bin of history,’ a general of the Iranian revolutionary guards (IRGC) said.

‘It is actually one of our biggest wishes that the Zionists regime [Israel] would make such a move,’ Amir Ali-Hajizadeh, commander of the IRGC aerospace department, told Fars news agency.

‘In that case we would do what we wanted to do for quite a while; bunging the enemy of Islam and Muslims [Israel] into the trash bin of history,’ he said…” (Baloney you little Hitler; Yahweh God will protect Israel, His chosen wife – Jeremiah 3:14.)