Is Iran planning something big? Iraqi-based attacks on Israel raise alarms – analysis

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iranian-backed militias in Iraq claimed credit for two attacks on Israel this week. The ‘Islamic resistance’ in Iraq claimed that it struck a ‘vital target deep in the occupied Palestinian territories,’ according to the pro-Iranian Al-Mayadeen media.

‘The Islamic Resistance in Iraq announces that its mujahideen attacked, Monday morning…with appropriate weapons,’ the report claimed. The report appeared to link the claims to an incident in Eilat overnight. The targeting of Eilat from Iraq is a major escalation by Iranian-backed groups and follows other incidents and escalation.

This came a day after the same group in Iraq, which represents several pro-Iranian militias that possess drones and missiles, claimed to have targeted the Christian village of Eilaboun in the Galilee. They claimed to have used a drone flown from Iraq in the attack. Pro-Iranian groups in Iraq have increased their number and capability of drones in recent years. In January, Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq carried out a drone attack on US service members in Jordan, killing three Americans…”

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