Israel Foreign Ministry: ‘Recognizing a Palestinian state means rewarding Hamas for murder’

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Foreign Affairs Ministry published a video on Wednesday saying, ‘Recognizing a Palestinian state after the October 7th attacks, the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, would be like handing over an Islamic state on a silver platter to Osama bin Laden after the September 11th attacks.’

The 40-second video shows clips of footage of Hamas terrorists on October 7 as text is superimposed, explaining why recognizing a Palestinian state is not a way to promote peace.

The video argues that recognizing a Palestinian state ‘means rewarding Hamas for murder’ and that the best way to promote peace is ‘through direct negotiations, not through rewarding violence.’ 

The video concludes by urging the world to ‘pressure Hamas to surrender and release the hostages.’ At the end, ‘Don’t reward Hamas, don’t reward Iran. Say no to terrorism’ appears in white across a black background…”

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