Israel warns of travel to Turkey and Arab countries

The Times of Israel reports: “Israel’s National Security Council said Thursday that Israelis should avoid traveling to Turkey, Morocco, Jordan and Egypt — including the Sinai peninsula, usually a popular holiday destination for Israelis over Passover — in updated travel warnings it issued for the coming months.

In a general warning for worldwide travel, the NSC said the ‘potential for terrorist threats against Israelis and Jews more than five months after the start of the war is very high.’

It underscored that the four countries, with which Israel maintains diplomatic ties, ‘should be avoided at the current time.’

An Israeli official who briefed reporters said Israel is not considering closing the crossing into Egypt, but will do so in the case of a specific threat.

According to the travel warnings, there are growing attempts amid the Gaza war by global jihadist organizations to inspire lone attackers to target Jews and Israelis abroad. The primary threat, said the NSC, is Iran and its proxies…”

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