Israeli Ambassador Has Purim Message for Enemies of Israel

PJMedia.com reports: “The God of Israel saved His people from attempted genocide in ancient Persia, as the Bible tells us — and the modern Israeli ambassador to the United Nations (UN) wants current violent anti-Semites to remember that.

Speaking to a UN Council, Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan said, in a clip posted to Twitter/X, ‘Tomorrow, dear colleagues, the Jewish people will celebrate the holiday of Purim, and this holiday is a very important message to the murderous Ayatollah regime [of Iran] and the rest of the world.’ This is not the first time a powerful Persian has tried to ensure destruction of the Jews, as Erdan explained: ‘1500 years ago, in Persia, which is modern-day Iran, the king signed a disastrous decree, a resolution calling to annihilate all the Jews in his empire.’ The slogan for the holiday of Purim is ‘and the opposite happened,’ Erdan continued. ‘Those who plotted against the Jewish people had their own schemes turned against them.’

Purim is rooted in the historical events related in the book of Esther, included in both Jewish and Christian Bibles. The beautiful Hadassah was selected to be Queen of Persia, but concealed her Jewish identity and took the name Esther on the advice of her uncle Mordecai. The arrogant royal official Haman plotted the annihilation not only of pious Mordecai but of the whole Jewish population in Persia. Esther, however, bolstered by prayer, interceded with her husband King Xerxes (or Assuerus) and saved her people. Haman and his ilk were killed instead, and the feast of Purim still commemorates how the Jews escaped massacre and instead conquered their enemies…”

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