Israeli source: Rafah will be conquered – even without US assistance

Israel National News reports: “A senior Israeli source on Thursday morning said that Israel will conquer Rafah – with or without US weapons shipments.

The statement follows a threat by US President Joe Biden that the US will halt weapons shipments to Israel if there is a major invasion of Rafah.

‘We have enough means to enter Rafah and conquer it without US aid,’ journalist Amit Segal quoted the source as saying. ‘Rafah will be conquered regardless.’

The source stressed that ‘the main problem is the message that this sends to Hezbollah and Iran – that Israel will come to the clash in the north seemingly without weapons. Biden has made a grave mistake – both ethically and politically.’

Foreign Minister Israel Katz also responded to Biden’s statement, writing, ‘Israel will continue to fight Hamas until [Hamas] is eradicated. There is no war more just than this.’…”

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