PM: Palestinian State will Lead Islamists to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

December 15, 2014 — Israel National News reports: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed US Secretary of State John Kerry’s upcoming talks in Rome on Sunday, during opening remarks for his weekly Cabinet meeting.

‘Tomorrow I will leave for Rome to meet with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and US Secretary of State John Kerry,’ he said. ‘I will tell them that Israel, to a large degree, stands as a solitary island against the waves of Islamic extremism that are washing over the entire Middle East.’

‘Until now we have successfully withstood and repelled these attacks and now we also stand against the possibility of a diplomatic assault, i.e. an attempt to compel us – by means of UN decisions – to withdraw to the 1967 lines within two years,’ Netanyahu continued. ‘This will lead to Islamic extremists to the suburbs of Tel Aviv and to the heart of Jerusalem.’

‘We will not allow this,’ he vowed. ‘We will strongly and responsibly rebuff this. Let there be no doubt, this will be rejected.’…” Psalms 122:6 – “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” Why? Satan stood up against Israel — I Chronicles 21:1. The Devil and his anti-Semitic haters will lose because Yahweh God promises “I will give them [Israel] an everlasting name (emphasis mine) Isaiah 56:5.

The nations listed in the next report will answer to God at Judgment Day. Remember Hamas and Hezbollah are both terrorist organizations and want to destroy God’s Chosen People – “For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth. The Lord did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people: But because the Lord loved you, and because he would keep the oath which he had sworn unto your fathers…” Deuteronomy 7: 6 – 8.)

 French Parliament to Call for Recognition of Palestinian State

December 2, 2014 — Voice of America News reports: “French lawmakers are set to vote on Tuesday to call on the government to recognize Palestine, a symbolic move that will not immediately affect France’s diplomatic stance but demonstrates growing European impatience with a stalled peace process…”

 French Senate Votes to Recognize ‘Palestine’

December 11, 2014 — Israel National News reports: “France’s upper house of parliament on Thursday urged the government to recognize ‘the state of Palestine’, following a similar and highly symbolic vote in the lower house…”

 Irish Parliament Urges Government to Recognize ‘Palestine’

December 11, 2014 — Israel National News reports: “Irish lawmakers urged their government Wednesday to recognize ‘Palestine’ as a state in a symbolic motion that sailed through parliament unopposed, reports AFP…”

 Denmark to Debate Recognition of ‘Palestine’, Says Lawmaker

December 11, 2014 — Israel National News reports: “The Danish parliament will debate a motion calling for the recognition of ‘Palestine’ as a state on Thursday, the Ma’an news agency reports…”

 European Parliament Votes to Recognize ‘Palestine’

December 17, 2014 — Israel National News reports: “The European Parliament overwhelmingly backed the recognition of a Palestinian state ‘in principle’ on Wednesday, following a series of votes on the issue in EU nations which have angered Israel.

 Belgian Lawmakers Planning to Recognize ‘Palestine’

December 5, 2014 — Israel National News reports: “Belgium is jumping on the ‘recognition of Palestine’ bandwagon, according to The Associated Press (AP)…

 Luxembourg Recognizes Palestinian State

December 17, 2014 — Israel National News reports: “Luxembourg’s parliament voted Wednesday to urge the government to recognize a Palestinian state, AFP reports Wednesday – the latest in a series of similar moves around Europe aimed at pressuring Israel to move forward the peace process…”