Jewish organization leader says Israel will be protected by God, despite attacks by Iran or its proxies

FoxNews.com reports: “Days after hundreds of missiles and drones were launched at Israel, members of the Jewish community are speaking out, saying Iranian leaders are cowards who hide behind proxies, adding that ‘almighty God’ will protect those who live in the Holy Land.

Iran’s brazen and unprecedented attack on Israel late Saturday involved drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles launched from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Only seven ballistic missiles reached Israeli territory, causing minor damage to an air base. Israeli and U.S. forces shot down the rest with help from British, French and Jordanian forces.

Aish CEO Rabbi Steven Burg spoke with Fox News Digital about Iran’s attack.

‘Iran attacked. Iran has been attacking the Western world and Israel for so long, from so many places,’ the former New York native said. ‘They just use proxies, because frankly, they’re cowards. And I think for them to kind of come out from behind the rock and throw all those missiles at Israel, I think people were a little surprised…but I think it’s a paper tiger. I think what turned out is they don’t quite have the ability that everyone thought they had.’…

Ultimately, the message Burg sent was that countries can continue to attack Jews, no matter where they are, God will protect them…”

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