Jordan says won’t become ‘theatre of war’ between Israel and Iran

SpaceWar.com reports: “When Iran attacked Israel at the weekend, Jordan intercepted multiple missiles and drones, but King Abdullah II has stressed his country must not become ‘the theatre of a regional war’.

If the Gaza war raging since October 7 has created tough challenges for Jordan, it now faces the additional threat of being literally stuck in the middle of a widening Israel-Iran conflict.

Jordan, about half of whose population is of Palestinian origin, is also a close US ally and signed a peace treaty with neighbouring Israel 30 years ago.

Amid the half-year-old Gaza war, Jordan’s king has repeatedly voiced strong criticism of Israel and directed his military to fly daily food airdrops to help besieged Palestinians.

A strong supporter of the Palestinian cause, the monarch has described Jordan’s relationship with Israel as a ‘cold peace’.

Then, last weekend, Jordan was among a group of nations, also including the United States, Britain and France, that helped Israel shoot down missiles, rockets and attack drones launched by Iran and its allies at Israel.

Jordan stressed its aim was to safeguard its own sovereignty rather than defend Israel…”

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