U.S. miscalculates China military growth

SpaceWar.com reports: “The United States has underestimated the growth of China’s military as policymakers have taken public statements at face value or failed to understand Beijing’s thinking, a study said…

The report prepared for the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said the United States had a mixed record on predicting the rising power’s new weaponry, including largely missing the emergence of more advanced submarines.

As for the speed of military modernization, the study found ‘identifiable cases of miscalculation’ with China developing anti-ship ballistic missiles and stealth fighter-jets earlier than the United States expected.

US analysis could have improved if more experts read Chinese or even looked at open publications such as academic technical journals, it said.

‘US observers should not take at face value statements from the Chinese government on military policy, as they could either be deceptive, or simply issued by agencies’ such as the foreign ministry ‘that have no real say over military matters,’ it said…” (China prepares for one of the most devastating wars in history. It is the second invasion of Israel after Russia and her Muslim allies fail in their bloodbath in the Middle East – Ezekiel 38:1, 2, 8, 16; 39:1, 2, 12, 13; Revelation 16:12; Revelation 9:14 – 18. See also the next two reports.)

China cyber warfare skills a risk to US military: report

SpaceDaily.com reports: “China’s cyber warfare capabilities have reached a point where they would pose a danger to the US military in the event of a conflict, according to a report prepared for the US Congress …

The report by defense contractor Northrop Grumman for the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has placed great emphasis on what is known as ‘information confrontation.’

‘(PLA) leaders have embraced the idea that successful warfighting is based on the ability to exert control over an adversary’s information and information systems,’ the report said.

‘PLA analysts consistently identify logistics and (command-and-control) infrastructure as US strategic centers of gravity, which they would almost certainly target in the event of the conflict,’ it said.

The report said ‘Chinese capabilities in computer network operations have advanced sufficiently to pose genuine risk to US military operations in the event of a conflict.’…”

China ups the pressure to prevent a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities

Haaretz reports: “A senior Chinese diplomat said an attack on Iran would invite devastating retaliation that would envelop the region and destabilize the global economic recovery, and added that the international community had to restrain itself from war.

Iran is locked in a dispute with the West over its nuclear program, which Iran says is for peaceful purposes.

Israel and the United States have threatened military action against Iran unless it abandons activities which the West suspects are intended to develop nuclear weapons.

China, which has close energy and trade ties with Iran, has urged a negotiated solution to the dispute and long opposed the use of force or unilateral sanctions on Iran…”