Spanish Researchers Want to Tag Human Embryos With Bar Codes

Fox News reports: “In futuristic movies like ‘Aliens 2’ and ‘12 Monkeys,’ prisoners are bar coded for easy identification. But today’s reality is even wilder: Scientists have proposed bar-coding embryos.

Researchers from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain have just finished testing a method for imprinting microscopic bar codes on mouse embryos — a procedure they plan to test soon on humans. The venture is meant to avoid mismatches during in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer procedures. But privacy experts and children’s rights advocates were instantly concerned by the concept of ‘direct labeling’ of embryos, calling for transparency in the process.

‘An embryo is a human life, so we have to move forward with this very, very cautiously,’ Pam Dixon, executive director for the World Privacy Forum, told FoxNews.com. ‘Obviously we can’t ask the embryo what it wants, so the individual making the donation must consent to this as well as the individual receiving the donation. There’s got to be a lot of public discussion.’

The researchers insist that their technique is perfectly safe, claiming that the bar codes simply evaporate as the embryo develops into a fetus. Dr. Arthur Caplan, the director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, said that as long as development is not affected, any improvement on embryo transfer would be extremely beneficial — since mistakes can be heartbreaking.

‘When you’re talking about mismatch, those kinds of errors are psychologically and emotionally devastating,’ Caplan told FoxNews.com. ‘You have parents who want to reject the child saying that the child clearly isn’t the same race as they are. There’s also a danger that the donor may change their mind and want to get involved in parenting. People really want that biological connection. So I think this is a terrific idea to reduce those difficulties.’

The bar codes aren’t hidden or concealed — in fact, they’re easily observed through a standard microscope, and the research team hopes to develop an automatic code reading system when they perfect their technique for labeling mouse embryos.

And once that’s done, testing on human embryos will begin…” (The push is on for the microchipping of the citizens of the world. The Bilderbergs, promoters of the New World Order, laid plans two years ago in Chantilly, Virginia to carry out this goal by 2017. Since it occurs 3 ½ years after the Rapture, it could begin around 2014.)

Germany reports ‘sharp rise’ in cyberattacks

SpaceDaily.com reports: “Germany detected a sharp rise in cyberattacks in 2010, many originating in China, and plans to set up a special centre next year to deal with the danger, the government said.

‘There has been a sharp rise in so-called electronic attacks on the networks of German government and local authorities,’ interior ministry spokesman Stefan Paris told a regular government briefing.

‘Germany is a very high-tech country with considerable experience and know-how, so of course others will naturally try to get hold of this knowledge … China is playing a large role in this.’

In the first nine months of 2010 there were some 1,600 such attacks recorded, compared to around 900 for the whole of 2009, plus most likely a considerable number that went undetected, he said.

The increase was in part due to more and more government business being conducted electronically, he noted however.

The new ‘National Cyberdefence Centre’ will pool the resources and know-how of different government agencies including the federal police and the BND intelligence service with that of private firms, he said.

Europe’s biggest economy is far from being alone in seeing government agencies, firms and individuals coming under attack from foreign governments and organised crime attempting to hack into computer networks.

Last year, the United States created its own Cyber Command, while NATO leaders agreed in November to enshrine cybersecurity as one of the 28-nation military alliance’s priorities…” (“This know also that in the latter days perilous [dangerous] times shall occur” II Timothy 3:1. Cyberattacks can create total electrical failure for months in any nation from coast to coast.)