Bionic Arm Can Move, Feel

Voice of America News reports: “Scientists are developing an entirely new type of prosthetic arm and hand that allows a patient to regain not only movement, but also the sense of touch.

American soldiers who have lost limbs in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq often end up at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C., for rehabilitation and to get fitted with prosthetics. Dr. Todd Kuiken, of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, works with these patients who provide him with feedback on a bionic arm he developed. Kuiken’s work has focused on creating an artificial arm which can respond to the wearer’s mind.

‘What we do is use the nerves that are still left. Although the arm is lost,’ he says.

Nerves from the amputated arm are attached to the remaining muscle, either in the chest or in the bicep. Nerves that control flexing the hand or closing it are attached in different locations.

Electrodes placed on the muscles act as antennas and when the brain sends an electrical nerve impulse to these antennas, the electrode activates the prosthetic arm or hand to move accordingly…

Patients can even have nerves from their hands and finger tips transferred to muscles in their biceps. This gives them the sensation of touch…” (Daniel 12:4 – Christ’s return is near.)