Heartbreaker: Major Setback in Quest for ‘God Particle’

Fox News reports: “The quest for the elusive Higgs boson seemed over in April, when an unexpected result from an atom smasher seemed to herald the discovery of the famous particle — the last unproven piece of the physics puzzle and one of the great mysteries scientists face today.

Researchers were cautious, however, warning that it would take months to verify the finding.

Their caution was wise.

Scientists with the Tevatron particle accelerator at Chicago’s Fermilab facility just released the results of a months-long effort by the lab’s brightest minds to confirm the finding. What did they find? Nothing.

‘We do not see the signal,’ Dmitri Denisov, staff scientist at Fermilab, told FoxNews.com. ‘If it existed, we would see it. But when we look at our data, we basically see nothing.’

‘At this point I’d say the chances are 50/50 for the Higgs to exist at all,’ he said.

The results — submitted to the science journal Physical Review Letters — are a heartbreaking setback for scientists and armchair experimenters worldwide, who have been following the particle-physics treasure hunt like a baseball fan monitoring stats.

After all, the quest for the Higgs boson — called the ‘God Particle’ because it is believed to be the fundamental particle of matter, the smallest piece of substance that gives all other matter weight — has been among the most prominent scientific pursuits of the last 20 years.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the multi-billion dollar, 17-mile long particle accelerator in Geneva was built in part to help prove the theoretical bit’s existence.

James Gilies, a spokesman for CERN, the agency that operates the LHC, told FoxNews.com that it was still too soon for his group to release any analysis — and way too early for hopes to have been raised in the first place.

‘Still too early to get excited, I’m afraid … I think this story will reach a conclusion at the main summer conferences this year — end of July. By then, the LHC experiments will have analyzed enough data to be able to say something,’ Gilies said…” (All this nonsensical equipment created by scientific geniuses will fail because “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God “- Psalm 14:1; 53:1. The Hadron collided was created to prove God is unnecessary because mankind can also create the Big Bang theory. Really? They fail.)