Lapid slams Canada’s suspension of arms exports to Israel: Wrong, harmful and dangerous

Israel National News reports: “Opposition leader Yair Lapid on Tuesday criticized Canada for deciding to stop arms exports to Israel, but in the same breath also blamed the Israeli government’s conduct which, he claimed, led to Canada’s decision.

‘Canada’s decision to suspend arms supplies to Israel is wrong, harmful and dangerous. Israel is waging a war against an extreme and cruel terrorist organization and the Canadians simply do not understand what is really happening here,’ Lapid wrote on social media.

He then added, ‘This does not change the fact that we are witnessing the collapse of Israel’s foreign relations because of a bad and negligent government that manages it terribly.’

‘It is unimaginable that while our children are being murdered, women are being raped and kidnapped civilians are being held captive by Hamas, this extreme government manages to lose the battle for public opinion,’ charged Lapid.

‘It’s time to have a good government here that will win in Gaza, and also win in the international arena. We have done it in the past, we will know how to do it in the future,’ he concluded…”

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