‘Massive’ Russian air attack kills at least five in Ukraine

SpaceWar.com reports: “Russia fired dozens of missiles and drones at Ukraine on Wednesday in a ‘massive’ early morning attack that killed at least five people and injured more than 30, officials in Kyiv said.

The wave of strikes came as the EU’s top diplomat was in the Ukrainian capital and with Kyiv calling on its Western allies to ramp up supplies of much-needed military aid, including air defences.

A strike on the capital Kyiv killed four people when a high-rise residential building was hit, triggering a large fire and engulfing its top floors in black smoke.

‘Another massive attack against our country,’ Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a post on social media.

Missile and drone attacks were also recorded in the northeast and south of the country as well as in the western Lviv region, hundreds of kilometres from the frontlines.

At least four people were killed in the hit to the residential building in Kyiv, while one person was killed in the southern Mykolaiv region, officials said.

Ukraine’s commander-in-chief Valery Zaluzhny said Russia used drones, cruise, ballistic and anti-aircraft missiles in the barrage…”

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