Middle East latest: Iran tells Israel ‘our hands are on the trigger’ and warns it knows where its nuclear sites are

New.Sky.com reports: “Iran could review its nuclear doctrine, says a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander, according to state media agency Tasnim.

‘The threats of the Zionist regime against Iran’s nuclear facilities make it possible to review our nuclear doctrine and deviate from our previous considerations,’ said Ahmad Haghtalab, who is in charge of nuclear security.

‘If the Zionist regime wants to take action against our nuclear centres and facilities, we will surely and categorically reciprocate with advanced missiles against their own nuclear sites.’

The commander said Israel’s nuclear facilities have been identified, adding ‘our hands are on the trigger’.

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has the last say on Tehran’s nuclear program, which some in the West suspect has military purposes.

Tehran has always maintained its nuclear program was strictly for peaceful purposes…”

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