Mossad: Hamas Wants Violent Ramadan, Rejects Hostage Deal

Breitbart.com reports: “Israel’s spy agency, the Mossad, issued a joint statement with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office Saturday saying Hamas had rejected a deal for a six-week ceasefire and hostage release, and wants more violence over Ramadan.

The rare statement by the Mossad appeared to be an effort to bolster the credibility of the statement, lest any statement by Netanyahu be perceived as political. The Mossad has been representing Israel in hostage talks…

Israel’s assessment matched recent statements by the Biden administration, which — despite pressuring Israel to accept a ceasefire — has admitted that Hamas is rejecting the proposed terms. The Wall Street Journal reported that even the Qatari government, which has hosted Hamas’s billionaire leaders in luxurious exile, has grown frustrated, threatening to expel the terrorist leadership from the capital city of Doha if no deal is reached for a pause in the fighting in Gaza…”

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