New law allowing killing of children takes effect

WND.com reports: “On February 1, a Dutch law allowing the euthanasia of terminally ill children went into effect. The law legalizes the killing of children ages one through 12 who are deemed to be ‘suffering hopelessly and unbearably.’

Previously, the country allowed euthanasia of children older than 12, along with infants under age one who could be killed if their parents and doctors agreed and they faced an illness labeled as terminal or faced serious suffering. In 2023, lawmakers passed a controversial expansion of the eligibility guidelines to include children of all ages.

According to reports, the new guidelines state that ‘the child’s opinion should be sought as far as possible in a way appropriate to the child’s understanding and age,’ though parents can decide to have their child euthanized in conjunction with a doctor even if the child is unwilling or unable to consent…”

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