Celebrating the Birth of the Eternal God

Jack Van Impe Ministries, Dr. Rexella Van Impe, and Dr. Dave Williams present a Christmas special like no other!

In a world that opposes the truth about Jesus and His birth, we can stand together. Celebrating the Birth of the Eternal God examines how Christ’s birth in Bethlehem was foretold in Bible prophecy, then goes on to show…

  • The prophecies made by Christ Himself.
  • How His death and resurrection were predicted from the beginning.
  • The unique claims of Christ and how He brings eternal salvation.
  • A stark look at prophecies being fulfilled around us today — and how they signal the Rapture could take place at any moment!

With bonus footage not included in the broadcast special, this DVD shares the true story of Christmas, the truth about Jesus, and the message of salvation. Share this treasure with your friends and family!