Christ Returns: This Generation?

15-drcv-lgChrist Returns: This Generation?

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Too many churches and mainstream denominations have ignored the thousands of verse on Bible prophecy at their peril!

Now Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe show you why we must take the prophecies very seriously today – because this could be the generation to witness the Rapture and the return of Christ!

In this important video teaching, you will learn about 500 fulfilled prophecies making it clear that the return of the Lord is near. Discover why Jesus commanded us to watch for His return and desire it. Find out what takes place immediately before the Rapture and just after it. Learn who squelched the teaching of the ancient church fathers regarding the Rapture and why. This is critical teaching for every believer, and especially to share with your pastor and church. This is the generation that could see the return of the Lord, and it is crucial we be prepared.